1853 Commodore Perry to Japan

A Drawing from the time

Commodore Perry was dispatched with four warships to open trade relations with Japan. He was successful in convincing the Japanese to open two ports for trade, as well as obtaining their agreement to help any shipwrecked sailors.


Commodore Perry was sent to Japan to attempt to open trade relations, as well as provide a safe haven for shipwrecked sailors. Perry arrived in Tokyo Bay in command of a fleet of four heavily-armed warships. The Japanese initially demanded that he move to the port of Nagasaki, but realized they did not have the ability to force Perry to move.

On July 14, 1853, Perry met with representatives of the Japanese Emperor, and soon had negotiated the Treaty of Kanagawa. The treaty mandated that two Japanese ports be opened up to American ships.

Perry's successful mission to Japan quickly broke the Japanese self- imposed isolation, and heralded a rapid industrialization of the island nation.