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Peace Treaty Signed in Darfur

May 4, 2006 A peace agreement was reached between the Government of Sudan and the major rebel group in the Dafur Region. The agreement came after a peace conference sponsored by the African Union and assisted by the United States and the European Union. The agreement calls for an immediate ceasefire and a disarmament of Janjaweed militias. The agreement also calls for the integration of the militia into the Sudanese army and police force. In addition the agreement calls for the rebels to receive the majority of the members of the local assemblies. Finally the agreement gives the rebel representation in the National Assembly and money to rehabilitate the region. While the Sudan Liberation Army is the largest rebel group- two of the smaller rebel groups did not initially sign the agreement.

The agreement came after three years of civil war in which wide spread atrocities were committed against the residents of the region. Over 180,00o civilians have been killed and more then 2,00,000 have been forced to leave their homes.