1st Slave Revolt





In 1712, the first slave revolt in North America occurred in New York City. Twenty- one blacks were executed for killing nine whites.

New York in the early 1700s had one of the largest slave populations of any of the colonies. Unlike the South, where the slaves worked the land, most slaves in New York worked as domestic servants, dockworkers, and skilled laborers. As a result, they came into regular contact with Free African Americans living in the city. On December 13, 1711, New York established its first slave Markey. About 20 percent of the population at the time were slaves. The government-controlled the slaves by not allowing them to travel, discouraging marriage, and not allowing more than three to meet.

On the night of April 6, 1712, around twenty slaves gathered and set fire to a building o Maiden Land near Broadway. While the colonist tried to put out the fire, the slaves attacked them and then ran off. They were quickly captured.

Seventy African Americans were arrested, and twenty-seven were put on trial. 21 were convicted and sentenced to death.