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  • Major Events of 1991



    NBA:Chicago Bullsvs. LA Lakers Series: 4-1
    NCAA Football:Miami-Fl & Washington Record: 12-0-0 & 12-0-0
    Heisman Trophy:Desmond Howard, Michigan, WR points: 2,077
    Stanley Cup: Pittsburgh Penguins vs.Minnesota Northstars Series: 4-2
    Super Bowl XXV: New York Giants vs. Buffalo Bills Score: 20-19

    Popular Music

    1."Justify My Love" ... Madonna
    2."Love Will Never Do" ... Janet Jackson
    3."The First Time" ... Surface
    4."Gonna Make You Sweat" ... C&C Music Factory
    w/Freedom Williams
    5."All The Man That I Need" ... Whitney Houston
    6."Someday" ... Mariah Carey
    7."One More Try" ... Timmy T
    8."Coming Out of the Dark" ... Gloria Estefan
    9."I've Been Thinking About You" ... Londonbeat
    10."You're in Love" ... Wilson Phillips

    Popular Movies

    1. Terminator 2
    2. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
    3. City Slickers
    4. Home Alone
    5. The Silence of the Lambs
    6. The Addams Family
    7. Dances With Wolves
    8. Sleeping With the Enemy
    9. The Naked Gun 2 1/2
    10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II

    Most Popular Books

    1."The Firm" ... John Grisham
    2."Loves Music, Loves to Dance" ... Mary Higgins Clark
    3."Possession: A Romance" ... A.S. Byatt
    4."As the Crow Flies" ... Jeffery Archer
    4."Star Wars: Heir to the Empire" ... Timothy Zahn
    5."The Kitchen God's Wife" ... Amy Tan
    5."The Sum of All Fears" ... Tom Clancey
    6."Damage" ... H Josephine Hart
    6."Heartbeat" ... Danielle Steel
    1."Iron John: A Book About Men" ... Robert Bly
    2."Wealth Without Risk" ... Charles J. Givens
    3."Financial Self-Defense" ... Charles J. Givens
    4."Homecoming" ... John Bradshaw
    5."Parliament of Whores" ... P.J. O'Rouke
    6."Chutzpah" ... Alan Dershowitz
    7."Toujours Provence" ... Peter Mayle
    8."Fire in the Belly...On Being a Man" ... Sam Keen
    8."Final Exit" ... Derek Humphry
    8."DO IT! Let's Get Off Our Buts" ... John Roger & Peter McWilliams
    9."Uh-oh: Some Observations from Both Sides of the Refrigerator" ...
    Robert Fulghum
    10."You Just Don't Understand: Women and Men in Conversation" ...
    Deborah Tannen
    10."The Civil War: An Illustrated History" ... Geoffery C. Ward with
    Ric Burns & Ken Burns
    10."A Life on the Road" ... Charles Kuralt
    10."The Prize: the Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power" ... Daniel

    Most Popular Television Shows

    1. 60 Minutes (CBS)
    2. Roseanne (ABC)
    3. Murphy Brown (CBS)
    4. Cheers (NBC)
    5. Home Improvement (ABC)
    6. Designing Women (CBS)
    7. Full House (ABC)
    8. Murder, She Wrote (CBS)
    9. Major Dad (ABC)
    10. Coach (ABC)

    Nobel Prizes


    ERNST, RICHARD R., Switzerland, Eidgensssische Technische Hochschule Zurich, b. 1933:

    "for his contributions to the development of the methodology of high
    resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy"

    GORDIMER, NADINE, South Africa, b. 1923:

    "who through her magnificent epic writing has - in the words of Alfred Nobel - been of very great benefit to humanity"

    KYI, DAW AUNG SAN SUU, Burma. Oppositional leader, human rights advocate.

    The prize was awarded jointly to:

    NEHER, ERWIN, Germany, Max-Planck-Institut fur Biophysikalische Chemie,
    Gsttingen, b. 1944; and

    SAKMANN, BERT, Germany, Max-Planck-Institut fur Medizinische Forschung,
    Heidelberg, b. 1942:

    "for their discoveries concerning the function of single ion channels in

    de GENNES, PIERRE-GILLES, France, College de France, Paris, b. 1932:

    "for discovering that methods developed for studying order phenomena in
    simple systems can be generalized to more complex forms of matter, in
    particular to liquid crystals and polymers"

    Academy Awards

    Best Picture: The Silence of the Lambs -"
    Best Director:Jonathan Demme ... "The Silence of the Lambs "
    Best Actor: Anthony Hopkins ... The Silence of the Lambs "
    Best Actress:Jodie Foster ... " The Silence of the Lambs "

    Record of the Year:
    Song of the Year:
    Album of the Year:
    Male Vocalist:
    Female Vocalist:
    "Unforgettable" ... Natalie Cole with Nat "King" Cole

    "Unforgetable" ... Irving Gordon
    "Unforgetable" ... Natalie Cole
    Michael Bolton ... "When a Man Loves a Woman"

    Bonnie Raitt ... "Something to Talk About"

    Tony Awards

    Best Play: "Lost in Yonkers" ... Neil Simon
    Best Musical: "The Will Rogers Follies"
    Best Actor in a play:Nigel Hawthorne ... "Shadowlands"
    Best Actress in a play:Mercedes Ruehl ... "Lost in Yonkers"
    Best Actor in a musical:Jonathan Pryce ... "Miss Saigon"
    Best Actress in a musical:Lea Salonga ... "Miss Saigon"

    Pulitzer Prize


    International Reporting:
    National Reporting:
    Public Service:
    Neil Simon ... "Lost in Yonkers"
    John Updike ... "Rabbit at Rest"

    Laurel Thatcher Ulrich ... "A Midwife's Tale"

    Caryle Murphy ... " Washington Post"
    Serge Schmemann ... "New York Times"Donald L. Bartlett & James B. Steele ...Marjie Lundstrom & Rochelle Sharpe ...
    "Gannett News Service"

    "Des Moines Register"