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  • Major Events of 1980



    NBA: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Philadelphia 76ers Series: 4-2
    NCAA Football: Georgia Record: 12-0-0
    Heisman Trophy: George Rogers, south carolina, RB points: 1,128
    Stanley Cup: New York Islanders vs. Philadelphia Flyers Series: 4-2
    Super Bowl XIV: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. LA Rams Score: 31-19
    US Open Golf: Jack Nicklaus Score: 272 Course: Baltusrol GC Location: Springfield, NJ
    World Series: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Kansas City Royals Series: 4-2

    1980 Olympic Games

    Popular Music

    1."Please Don't Go" ... KC & the Sunshine Band
    2."Rock With You" ... Michael Jackson
    3."Do That to Me One More Time" ... The Captain and Tennille
    4."Crazy Little Thing Called Love" ... Queen
    5."Another Brick in the Wall" ... Pink Floyd
    6."Call Me" ... Blondie
    7."Funkytown" ... Lipps, Inc.
    8."Coming Up" ... Paul McCartney
    9."It's Still Rock and Roll to Me" ... Billy Joel
    10."Magic" ... Christopher Cross

    Popular Movies

    1. Airplane
    2. All That Jazz
    3. The Black Stallion
    4. The Blue Lagoon
    5. The Blues Brothers
    6. Brubaker
    7. Caddyshack
    8. Chapter Two
    9. Cheech and Chong's Next Movie
    10. Coal Miner's Daughter


    Most Popular Books

    1. "The Covenant" by James Michener
    2. "The Bourne Identity" by Robert Ludlum
    3. "Rage of Angels" by Sidney Sheldon
    4. "Princess Daisy" by Judith Krantz
    5. "Firestarter" by Stephen King

    1. "Crisis Investing" by Douglas Casey
    2. "Cosmos" by Carl Sagan;
    3. "Free to Choose" by Milton & Rose Friedman
    4. "Anatomy of an Illness" by Norman Cousins
    5. "Thy Neighbor's Wife" by Gay Talesee Pritiken Program for Diet and Exercise by Nathan Pritiken

    Most Popular Television Shows

    1. Dallas (CBS)
    2. The Dukes of Hazzard (CBS)
    3. 60 Minutes (CBS)
    4. M*A*S*H (CBS)
    5. The Love Boat (ABC)
    6. The Jeffersons (CBS)
    7. Alice (CBS)
    8. House Calls (CBS)
    9. Three's Company (ABC)
    10. Little House on the Prairie (NBC)

    Academy Awards

    Best Picture: "Ordinary People"
    Best Director: Robert Redford ... "Ordinary People"
    Best Actor: Robert DeNiro ... "Raging Bull"
    Best Actress: Sissy Spacek ... "Coal Miner's Daughter"

    Grammy Awards

    Record of the Year: "Sailing" ... Christopher Cross
    Best Song; "Sailing" ... Christopher Cross
    Best Album: Christopher Cross ... "Christopher Cross"
    Male Vocalist: Kenny Loggins ... "This Is It"
    Female Vocalist: Bette Midler ... "The Rose"

    Nobel Prizes

    The prize was divided, one half being awarded to: BERG, PAUL, U.S.A., Stanford University, Stanford, CA, b. 1926: "for his fundamental studies of the biochemistry of nucleic acids, with particular regard to recombinant-DNA"; and the other half jointly to: GILBERT, WALTER, U.S.A., Biological Laboratories, Cambridge, MA, b. 1932; and SANGER, FREDERICK, U.S.A., Great Britain, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, b. 1918: "for their contributions concerning the determination of base sequences in nucleic acids"

    MILOSZ, CZESLAW, U.S.A., and Poland, b. 1911 (in Seteiniai, Lithuania): "who with uncompromising clear-sightedness voices man's exposed condition in a world of severe conflicts"

    ESQUIVEL, ADOLFO PEREZ, Argentina, b. 1931: architect, sculptor and human rights leader.

    Physiology or Medicine
    The prize was awarded jointly to: BENACERRAF, BARUJ, U.S.A., Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, b. 1920 (Caracas, Venezuela); DAUSSET, JEAN, France, Universite de Paris, Laboratoire Immuno-Hematologi, Paris, b. 1916; and SNELL, GEORGE D., U.S.A., Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME, b. 1903, d. 1996; "for their discoveries concerning genetically determined structures on the cell surface that regulate immunological reactions"

    The prize was divided equally between: CRONIN, JAMES, W., U.S.A., University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, b. 1931; and FITCH, VAL L., U.S.A., Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, b. 1923: "for the discovery of violations of fundamental symmetry principles in the decay of neutral K-mesons"

    Pulitzer Prizes

    Drama: Lanford Wilson ... "Talley's Folly"
    Fiction: Norman Mailer ... "The Executioner's Song"
    History: Leon F. Litwack ... "Been in the Storm So Long"
    International Reporting: Joel Brinkley ... "Louisville Courier-Journal"
    National Reporting: Bette Swenson Orsini & Charles Stafford ... "St. Petersburg (FL) Times"
    Public Service: "Gannett News Service"