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  • 1971

  • Nobel Prize for Chemistry

    HERZBERG, GERHARD, Canada, National Research Council of Canada, Ottava, b. 1904 ( in Hamburg, Germany), d. 1999: "for his contributions to the knowledge of electronic stucture and geometry of molecules, particularly free radicals"

    Nobel Prize for Literature
    Literature NERUDA, PABLO, (pen-name of BASOALTO, NEFTAL RICARDO REYES), Chile, b. 1904, d. 1973: "for a poetry that with the action of an elemental force brings alive a continent's destiny and dreams"


    Nobel Prize for Peace

    BRANDT, WILLY, Federal Republic of Germany, b. 1913: Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, initiator of West Germany's Ostpolitik, embodying a new attitude towards Eastern Europe and East Germany.


    Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine

    SUTHERLAND, EARL W. JR., U.S.A., Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, b. 1915, d. 1974: "for his discoveries concerning the mechanisms of the action of hormones"

    Nobel Prize for Physics

    GABOR, DENNIS, Great Britain, Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, b. 1900 (in Budapest, Hungary), d. 1979: "for his invention and development of the holographic method"

    Academy Awards

    Best Picture Patton"
    Best Director Franklin J. Schaffner ... "Patton""
    Best Actor George C. Scott ... "Patton"" (refused)
    Best Actress Glenda Jackson ... "Women in Love"

    Grammy Awards

    Record of the Year "Bridge Over Troubled Water" ... Simon and Garfunkel
    Song of the Year "Bridge Over Troubled Water" ... Paul Simon
    Album of the Year "Bridge Over Troubled Water"... Simon and Garfunkel
    Best Male Vocalist Ray Stevens... "Everything is Beautiful"
    Best Female Vocalist Dionne Warwick... "I'll Never Fall in Love Again"

    Emmy Awards

    Single Program "The Andersonville Trial" (PBS)
    Drama Series "The First Senator" (NBC)
    Comedy Series "All in the Family" (CBS)
    New Series "All in the Family" (CBS)

    Tony Awards

    Best Play "Borstal Boy"...Frank McMahon
    Best Musical "Applause"
    Best Actor
    (In a play)
    Fritz Weaver ... "Child's Play"
    Best Actress
    (In a play)
    Tammy Grimes ... "Private Lives"
    Best Actor
    (In a musical)
    Cleavon Little ... "Purlie"
    Best Actress
    (In a play)
    Lauren Bacall ... "Applause"