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January 1944
May 1944 Monte Cassino Falls To Allies

British Soldier in the Ruins of Mone

The German held what was called the Winter Line across Italy that was stopping the Allies from advancing. ON the Western end of the line stood what was known as the Gustav Line which controlled the Rapido, Liri, and Garigliano Valleys. The Abbey of Monte Cassino dominated the entrance to two of the valleys. The Allies bombed the Abbe with the hope that it would make it unusable to the Germans, the effect however was just the opposite. It took four separate assaults on the line by American, French, Polish and British troops with the first three failing to breakthrough. The final and successful assault began on May 11th with a massive artillery bombardment. The Allies had an overwhelming advantage in men and equipment and the Allies slowly advanced. On May 17th the Abbe itself was captured and the road to Rome was open.