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DECEMBER 16th 1944 Battle Of The Bulge

American Prisoners at the Battle of the Bulge

The German forces made one last offensive against the Allied forces with a surprise attack that began on December 16th with an attack through the Ardennes forest.  Allied forces were expecting some sort of German counteroffensive buts its timing and location came as a complete surprise.  The Germans were hoping to reach the port of Antwerp.  Instead they encountered heavier then expected allied resistance.  The Germans were stopped at the town of Bastogne.  American troops held of the Germans until the weather began to clear.  Once the weather had cleared the Allies overwhelming advantage in the air together with reinforcement that were streaming to the battle overwhelmed the Germans.

The Battle of the Bulge was the most deadly battle of the war.  610,000 American soldiers participated in the battle, 89,000 were casualties including 19,000 killed.