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July 1943 Operation Husky- The Invasion of Sicily

Wounded US Solidier in the Battle for Sicily

After their successful campaign in North Africa the Allies turned their attention to Sicily.  The goal was to capture Sicily and possibly force Italy out of the war.  The operation was named Operation Husky and commanded by General Patton.  It commenced on the night of July 9-10th.  The invasion began with paratroop landings.  Although many of the paratroopers failed to reach their assigned places their very landing caused panic among the defenders.  In the early morning of the 10th Naval landing began on 26th different beaches.  By the evening of the 10th the Allies had landed six divisions and were in control of their beachhead.   The German put up a spirited defense but were slowly overwhelmed by the larger Allied forces.  On August 18th the Germans and the Italians completed a withdrawal of their forces from Sicily.  The Allies had nearly 25,000 casualties in the fighting in Sicily while the German lost about 23,000.  4,325 Italian soldiers were killed, 32,000 were wounded and over 100,000 were captured.