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Sante Fe Railroad

B&O Railroad

The Santa Fe railroade began as the Atchison and Topeka. It strarted construction in Kansas in 1869. By 1872 the Colorado line was reached. This secured lines land grants, which had been contingent on reaching the Colorado line. The Santa Fe soon became the most aggressive of all lines in recruiting immigrants from overseas to settle along the line.
The Santa Fe pushed into Colorado, making a turn Northward to connect with the Denver and Rio Grande. It then turned South towards New Mexico territory. The way to get there was through the Raton Pass, the problem however was that the Denver & Rio had its eyes on the pass as well. The Santa Fe got there first, and held it by force. On December 7 1878 the first train went through the pass.
Next came a fight over the Royal Gorge in the Grand Canyon. This time the Rio Grande got there first, fighting took place both in the courts and on the ground. The Rio Grande won this battle, and the Santa Fe was forced to continue to New Mexico following the Rio Grande River. By the early 1880's the Santa Fe reached the Pacific.


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