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Zaca II Sch

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Zaca II

(Sch: t. 122 (gross); l. 118'; b. 23'9"; dr. 14'; dph.
11'; s. 9 k.; cpl. 10)

The second Zaca—a wooden-hulled, schooner-rigged yacht with an auxiliary engine—was designed by Garland Rotch and completed in 1930 at Sausalito, Calif., by Nunes Bros. Due to the need for local patrol and rescue craft in the busy waters in the San Francisco area during World War II, the schooner was acquired by the Navy from Templeton Crocker on 12 June 1942. Placed in service on 19 June 1942 and assigned to the Western Sea Frontier, Zaca—classified a miscellaneous auxiliary and designated IX 73—operated as a planeguard ship, standing ready to rescue the crews of any planes downed nearby.

Eventually relieved by the frigates (PF's) of Escort Squadron 41, Zaca was placed out of service at Treasure Island, Calif., on 6 October 1944, and her name was struck from the Navy list on 13 November 1944. Turned over to the War Shipping Administration on 21 May 1945, Zaca was acquired in 1946 by Errol Flynn, an actor famed for his "swash buckling" roles in numerous movies. Flynn owned the yacht until his death in 1959.