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Zeus ARB-4

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(ARB-4: dp. 3,960 (lim.), 1. 328'0", b. 60'0", dr. 11'2"(lim.); s. 11.6 k. (tl.); cpl. 254; a. 1 3", 8 40mm; cl.Aristueus )

Zeus (ARB-4)—originally projected as LST-182— was laid down on 17 June 1943 at Seneca, Ill., by the Chicago Bridge & Iron Co., Iaunched on 26 October 1943; sponsored by Mrs. C. A. Brown; converted to a battle damage repair ship by the Maryland Drydock Co. at Baltimore, Md., and commissioned at Norfolk VA., on 11 April 1944.

Zeus departed Hampton Roads on 16 May and, after a stop at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, arrived in the Canal Zone on 28 May. She transited the canal on 28 and 29 May and continued her voyage, via San Diego, to Pearl Harbor. The ship arrived in the Hawaiian Islands on 23 June and reported to the Commander, Service Force Pacific Fleet, for duty. Zeus spent the remainder of World War II repairing damaged ships at intermediate bases such as Eniwetok Atoll. After continued service in the Far East, she returned to San Pedro, Calif., in the spring of 1946. On 30 August 1946, she was placed out of commission and was berthed at San Diego with the Pacific Reserve Fleet. Zeus remained in reserve until 1 June 1973 at which time her name was struck from the Navy list. Her final disposition remains unknown, but she was probably sold and broken up for scrap.