Election of 1996

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Presidential Elections 1996

President Clinton did not face any opposition in his bid to be renominated by the Democratic party. Senator Dole of Kansas made his third bid to obtain the nomination of the Republican party. This time he was successful. Dole defeated both magazine publisher, Steve Forbes, as well Pat Buchanan, to receive the Republican nod.
By the time the 1996 election took place the country was in the midst of an economic boom. Employment was rising, as was the stock market. The internet boom had begun. Given all of the positive economic indicators, President Clinton remained extremely popular-- despite continued minor scandals, revolving around his personal conduct.
Senator Dole turned out to be an ineffective campaigner. He was unable to connect with the American public. Furthermore, DoleĆ­s age was an issue during the campaign. He was 73. Had he been elected, he would have been the oldest President to take office.
William Jefferson Clinton became the first Democratic President to be reelected in the United States for a second full term since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


Participation of Eligible Voters: 49%

Marc Schulman

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