Dulles Airport Washington DC

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The History of Aviation


Dulles Airport Washington DC

Built on the mud flats of a bend in the Potomac River at Gravelly Point. The airport which opened June 16, 1941 was built by the federal government and dedicated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It became an important military hub during World War II. Because National runways were too short for long-range jets Dulles International Airport wes built in 1962. However, National Airport was kept open because of its proximity to Capitol Hill.

Management Operated by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. Appointments to the board are made by the governors of Virginia and Maryland, the mayor of the District of Columbia and the president of the United States.

Land 860 acres

Runways 3- 6,869'; 5,189'; and 4,505'

Terminals 1 with a new 35 gate terminal under construction

Flights Known as a short-haul airport, Mational has non-stop service to destinations within 1,250 miles from Washington D.C.

Carriers 13 major carriers and 4 commuter carriers

Passengers Nearly 15.7 million


Parking 5,200 spaces

Employment Over 11,000 people are employed.

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