World Technology From 1400- 1900


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Technology Timeline 1400-1900
1450-Printing Press Invented
1543-Copernicus Claims Earth Circles the Sun
1543-First Illustrated Study of Human Body
1572-Brache Observes Super Nova
1609-Kepler Publishes His Laws of Planetary Motion
1610-Galileo Proves Copernican System Correct
1637-Descartes Publishes "Discours De la Methode"
1638-Galileo Explains Principles of Falling Bodies
1674-Boyle's Law
1669-Newton Explains Calculus
1672-Newton Premiers Reflecting Telescope
1672-Newton Founds Study of Mechanics
1698 Steam Pump Introduced
1704-Newton Publishes "Optick"
1733 Flying Shuttle Invented
1764-Spinng Jenny Introduced
1776-First Submarine Launched
1776-Watt Builds Steam Engine
1784 Power Loom Invented
1793-Cotton Gin Invented
1800-Manufacture with Interchangeable Parts Begins
1807-Robert Fulton Sails on THE CLERMONT
1814-George Stephenson Develop Steam Engine
1819-First Steam Powered Ship Crosses Atlantic
1821-Michael Faraday Discovers Electromagnetic Induction
1829-Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Begun
1834-Grain Reaper Patented
1837-Steel Plow Invented
1839-First Photo
1844-Telegraph Begun
1859-Darwin Publishes Origins of Species
1859-Oil Well Started
1860-Work Begun on London Underground Railroad
1861-Pasteurization Introduced
1869-Transcontinental Rail Service Begun in the United States
1876-Telephone Invented
1877-Germ Theory of Disease
1877-Phonograph Invented by Edison
1879-Electric Light Invented
1888-George Eastman Patents Camera
1890-Eiffel Tower