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Middle East & Africa 1400-1900
1400-Mongols Invade Syria
1415-Henry the Navigator Takes Ceuta
1453-Constantinople Falls to Turks
1456-Cape Verde Islands Discovered
1487-Dias Circles South Africa
1491-Portuguese in Angola
1501-Battle of Shurer
1508-Muscat Captured by Portugal
1514-War Between Ottomans and Shiites
1514-Battle of Ridanya
1520-Suleiman the Magnificent
1529-Algeria Becomes Vassal State
1555-Treaty of Amasya
1574-Tunis Annexed by Ottomans
1578-Portuguese Army Defeated in Morocco
1652-Cape Town Founded
1724-Treaty of Constantinople
1730-Nadir Free Persia
1779-1878-Kafir Wars
1798-Battle of Pyramids
1798-Battle of Nile
1799-Siege of Acre
1801-America's War with Tripoli
1815-Sierre Leone Established
1822-Ashanti War Begun
1826-Janissarries Killed
1830-Algiers Captured
1835-The Great Trek
1844-Franco Moroccan War
1847-Liberia Independent
1852-South African Republic
1855-David Livingstone Discovers Victoria Falls
1868-France Recognizes Kingdom of Merina in Madagascar
1869-Suez Canal Opened
1879-Zulu War
1881-French Invasion of Tunisia
1882-Britain Invades Egypt
1883-Anglo French Punitive
1884-Congo Free State
1885-Germany Claims Tanzania
1886-Anglo Egyptian Agreement
1887-Ethiopian-Italian War Begins
1890-Uganda Occupied by Britain
1896-Ghana Captured by Great Britain
1896-Battle of Adwa
1898-French West Africa
1898-Fashoda Incident