Operation Attleboro

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HistoryCentral.com > America's Wars > Vietnam War > Events > Operation Attleboro

Sept. 14-Nov. 26, 1966

Operation Attleboro

Operation Attleboro begins with a search and destroy mission led by the196th Light Infantry Brigade in the area north of its base camp at Tay Ninh. On November 1st, after a month and a half of uneventful patrolling, U.S. troops run into elements of the 9th Viet Cong Division in the dense jungles northwest of Dau Tieng. The Viet Cong fight tenaciously to defend their base camp. U.S. forces are reinforced to face the stubborn Viet Cong opposition. When the battle is over, the Viet Cong are forced to withdraw, leaving behind the bodies of their 1,106 dead soldiers. After the base camp is overun, troops discover one of the largest weapons caches of the Vietnam War.

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