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Technology 1940-1959
1940-First Xerographic Machine Designed
1941-Penicillin Used to Treat a Human
1942-Nuclear Chain Reaction
1946-First Electronic Computer
1946-Spock Publishes Book on Baby Care
1946-Atomic Test at Bikini Atoll
1946-DC-6 Introduced
1946-Meteor Sets World Speed Record
1947-Last DC-3 Produced
1947-Bell X-1 Breaks Sound Barrier
1947-B-47 Enters Service
1947-Gigantic Spruce Goose Flies
1948-Polaroid Camera on sale
1948-Improved Quantum Dynamics Theory Developed
1948-Soviets Introduce MIG-15
1949-Non-Stop Around-the-World Flight
1949-Stratocruiser Goes into Service
1949-"Comet"-First Commercial Jet Unveiled
1950-Super Constellation Tested
1951-Color TV Introduced
1951-US Airforce Orders B-52 Bomber
1952-Polio Vaccine Invented
1953-Super Sabre Introduced
1953-DC-7 Introduced
1954-F-104 Makes Debut
1954-Boeing Unveils the 707
1954-Lockheed Introduces the YC-130 "Hercules"
1954-First Kidney Transplant
1954-Soviets Introduce the MIG-19
1955-Mirage Unveiled
1955-U-2 is Tested
1956-Tupelov TU-104 Introduced
1956-First Trans-Atlantic Telephone Cable
1957-USSR & US Launch ICBMs
1958-Douglas Introduces DC-8
1958-F-4 Phantom Unveiled by McDonnell-Douglas
1958-Pan Am Introduces 707 Service Across Atlantic
1959-X-15 Makes First Flight