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Technology 1900-1919
1900-Paris Metro Opened
1900-Freud Publishes
1900-US Navy Accepts Submarine
1900-Quantum Theory Published
1900-Escalator Introduced at Paris Expo
1900-First Zeppelin Developed
1901-Mosquitos Cause Yellow Fever
1901-Trans-Siberian Railroad Completed
1903-First Message Sent Over Pacific Cable
1903-Wright Flyer Flies
1904-NY Subway Opens
1905-Theory of Relativity Published
1906-First Powered Flight in Europe
1906-Wasserman Test Developed
1906-Simplon Tunnel Opened
1907-First Helicopter Flies
1907-Mauritania Launched
1907-Montessori School Introduced
1908-First True Skyscraper Built
1908-First Passenger Killed
1909-First Newsreel Shown in Theaters
1909-English Channel is Crossed
1911-First Landing on Ship
1911-First Coast-to-Coast US Flight
1913-Ford Begins First Moving Assembly Line
1913-First Home Electric Refrigerator
1915-First Transcontinental Telephone Conversation
1918-Air Mail Service Begun
1919-US Seaplanes Cross the Atlantic