Major Events of South America

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South & Central America 1901-2005
1901-Cuba Becomes United States Protectorate
1902-Britain and Germany Threaten Venezuela
1903-Panama Gains Independence From Colombia
1904-Treaty Between Bolivia and Chile
1904-US Takes Charge of Finances of Dominican Republic
1906-US Troops Occupy Cuba
1909-US Intervenes in Nicaragua
1909-Civil War in Honduras
1929-Settlement of Tacna Arica Question
1930-Peruvian President Ousted
1930-Revolt in Brazil
1932-Paraguay and Bolivia Fight
1932-War Between Peru and Colombia Breaks Out
1937-Somoza Family Gains Control Over Nicaragua
1946-Peron Becomes Dictator of Argentina
1948-Organization of American State (OAS) is Created
1948-Civil War in Costa Rica
1954-US Backed Coup in Guatemala
1955-Military Coup Ousts Peron
1957-Military Dictatorship Ousted in Venezuela
1959- Castro Seizes Power in Cuba
1961-Bay of Pigs Invasion Fails
1961-Rafael Trujillo of Dominican Republic Assassinated
1962-Cuban Missile Crisis
1962-Jamaica Becomes Independent
1964-US Sends Troops to Dominican Republic
1967-Che Guevera Killed in Bolivia
1969-War Fought Between Honduras and El Salvador
1970-Salvador Allende Becomes President of Chile
1973-Allende Killed in Coup
1973-Bahamas Given Independence
1978-Panama Canal Treaty Signed
1979-Sandinistas Force Samozas Out of Nicaragua
1979-Civil War in El Salvador
1982-War in the Falkland Islands
1983-US Invasion of Grenada
1984-Moderates Win Election in El Salvador
1985-Colombian Terrorists Execute 100-Including 11 Judges
1989-Chilean Voters Vote to End Military Rule of Pinochet
1989-US Troops Invade Panama
1990-Free Elections are Held in Nicaragua
2005- Morales President of Bolivia