Franz Kafka Ê

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, Stanley Corngold (Editor)

Price: $5.30


The Trial
by Franz Kafka, George Steiner (Introduction), Willa Muir, Edwin Muir

Price: $12.10


Franz Kafka : A Biography by Max Brod, G. Humphreys Roberts (Translator),
Richard Winston (Translator)

Price: $14.35

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Franz Kafka

1883- 1924


In his relatively short life, Czech-born Franz Kafka produced some of the most powerful literature of the 20th century. His stories are at once disturbing and compelling with their themes of alienation, guilt, and bewilderment.

Kafka's Metamorphosis (1912) is perhaps his most famous work. It tells the story of a man transformed --without warning -- into an insect, representing, in a sense, the self he had always been.

The Trial, The Castle and Amerika were published after Kafka's death and found a worldwide audience.