Joe Louis Ê

Joe Louis : The Great Black Hope
by Richard Bak
Price: $15.24

Joe Louis
by Robert Jakoubek, Nathan I. Huggins (Editor)
Price: $19.94

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Joe Louis

1914- 1981


Celebrated boxer Joe Louis was born Joseph Louis Barrow in 1914 to Alabama sharecroppers. To many boxing experts, he is considered the greatest boxer of the century.

In 1937, he took the world heavyweight title from James Braddock. His first heavyweight loss had come at the hand of German Champion Max Schmerling, a defeat the Nazis claimed showed proof of Aryan superiority.

In 1938, Louis beat Schmerling in a rematch. Louis successfully defended his crown 35 times. He retired in 1947. He made two attempts to come out of retirement, but lost both bouts.