Herbert Hoover Ê

Herbert Hoover (United States Presidents)
by David M. Holford
Price: $20.94

Herbert Hoover and the Crisis of American Capitalism
by J. Joseph Huthmacher (Editor), Warren Susman (Editor)
Price: $18.94

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Herbert Hoover

1874- 1964

American Politician

American President Herbert Hoover was educated as an engineer and enjoyed a successful career in this field.

During World War I, he gained international recognition for heading relief operations. From 1921 to 1928, he served as Secretary of Commerce and in 1928, was elected US President, on a platform of continued prosperity to be assured by the Republicans.

When the Depression hit, Hoover proved ineffectual in dealing with this economic crisis, and lost his bid for re-election to Franklin Roosevelt in 1932.


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