John Foster Dulles Ê

John Foster Dulles : Piety, Pragmatism, and Power in U.S. Foreign Policy (Biographies in American Foreign Policy (Paper))
by Richard H. Immerman
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John Foster Dulles and the Diplomacy of the Cold War
by Richard H. Immerman (Editor)
Price: $19.94

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John Foster Dulles

1888- 1959

Secretary of State

Grandson and nephew of US Secretaries of State, John Foster Dulles also served in that position following a long career in the diplomatic service. In 1919, he was a representative to the Paris Peace Conference.

He served as a delegate to the United Nations from 1945 to 1949 and in 1951 negotiated the peace treaty with Japan. As the architect of America's Cold War posture, he was instrumental in the establishment of alliances such as SEATO and CENTO, and dedicated to the strengthening of NATO.

He supported the development of nuclear weapons and their use to answer any Soviet aggression.