Charlie Chaplin Ê


Chaplin : His Life and Art
by David Robinson
Price: $18.35


Charlie Chaplin : The Beauty of Silence (Impact Biography)
by Alan Schroeder
Price: $23.99

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Charlie Chaplin

1889- 1977

American Film Star

One of the most celebrated figures in film history, Charlie Chaplin created the beloved "Little Tramp" which remains an icon of 20th century culture. An international star from his first film, Chaplin successfully crossed from silent films to the era of sound. His films, such as The Kid, The Great Dictator, Limelight, and, of course, The Little Tramp remain classics. The British-born Chaplin found himself persona non grata in America of the early1950s because of his left-leaning political views and sexual scandals. He left the US for a self-imposed exile that spanned 20 years, returning only in 1972 to be honored as Hollywood royalty by members of the entertainment community.


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