Andrew Carnegie Ê


Andrew Carnegie
by Joseph Frazier Wall
Price: $22.49


Andrew Carnegie and the Rise of Big Business
by Harold C. Livesay, Oscar Handlin (Editor)
Price: $20.19

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Andrew Carnegie

1853- 1919

Industrialist, Philanthropist

Andrew Carnegie made his money in the 19th century, but gave it away in the 20th. His fortune was generated primarily in the steel industry in the 1880's and 1890's, as he was the owner of Homestead Steel Works and later, seven other manufacturers. In 1899, he merged his companies together to form Carnegie Steel. In 1901, Carnegie Steel joined with US Steel, and Carnegie then retired from active work. He devoted the rest of his life to the distribution of his wealth. He founded the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Institute in Washington. He endowed the Carnegie Corporation in New York with $125 million to distribute after his death.


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