Louis Brandeis Ê

Brandeis on Zionism (The Rise of Jewish Nationalism and the Middle Ease Series)
by Louis D. Brandeis
Price: $17.99

Louis Brandeis : The People's Justice (Justices of the Supreme Court)

by Suzanne Freedman
Price: $20.94

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Louis Brandeis


Supreme Court Justice

Distinguished American jurist Louis Brandeis was the first Jew to be appointed to the US Supreme Court (1916). A graduate of Harvard Law School, Brandeis early on established himself as a brilliant lawyer. A liberal, he was known as "the people's attorney" and as an opponent of corporate monopoly. While on the bench, Brandeis maintained his liberal posture in contrast to the Court's generally conservative bent. After his retirement in 1939, Brandeis worked for various Zionist causes in support of the establishment of a Jewish homeland.