George Balanchine Ê

Following Balanchine
by Robert Garis
Price: $44.99


George Balanchine : American Ballet Master (Lerner Biographies)
by Davida Krista, Davida Kristy
Price: $25.25

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George Balanchine

1904- 1983


Perhaps the most influential dance personage of the century, George Balanchine was associated mainly with the New York City Ballet, the American company he founded and led till his death. His uniquely original choreography and his supremely well-trained dancers set the standard for ballet companies around the world. Some of his most famous ballets include "The Nutcracker," "Agon," "Serenade" and "Apollo." Balanchine also created a number of dances for film and Broadway during the 1930's and 1940's.