Raoul Wallenberg Ê

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Raoul Wallenberg

1912- 1947

Swedish Diplomat

Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg was posted to Budapest, Hungary as part of a complex plan to save as many Jews as possible from the Nazi murder machine. Through a combination of bribery, guile and sheer strength of purpose, he managed to save tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews.

When the Soviets entered Budapest, he was arrested and never heard of again. The Soviets claim that he died in prison in 1947, however there was some evidence that he was alive in the Soviet Gulag much later.

While Wallenberg's fate remains uknown, he stands as a shining symbol of courage and heroism to the present day. His memory has been enshrined in a number of public memorials and a commemorative stamp has been issued in his honor by the US Postal Service.


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