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Ramsay MacDonald

1966- 1937

British Politician

British statesman James Ramsay MacDonald was born to poverty in Scotland. He was an outspoken supporter of Socialism and joined the independent Labour Party in 1894.

In 1906, he became a member of Parliament representing Leicester. From 1911 until 1914 MacDonald led the Labour parliamentary faction. In 1918, he lost his seat, only to regain it four years later.

In 1924, he became the first Labour Prime Minister, but he served for less than a year, as the conservatives regained power after allegations that Labour was consorting with Russian Communists. In 1929, Labour regained power, and MacDonald became Prime Minister again, serving until two years before his death.

The depression of 1931 resulted in the creation of the National Government, a coalition including Conservatives and Liberals.


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