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Battle of Lundy Lane

On July 25, the Battle of Lundy's Lane, near Niagara Falls, takes place. In the course of the battle, 2,000 men, commanded by General Gaines for the Americans and General Drummond for the British, exchange in intense fire. Eight hundred and fifty men on both sides are casualties.

After the American victory in the Battle of Chippwa American forces advanced along the Niagara River passed the Falls towards Lake Ontario in the direction of Fort George. Along Niagara River was Lundy Lane, which commanded a view of the surrounding area. The British had evacuated their positions there but reoccupied them.   Brigadier General Winfield Scott led the American forces. He ordered his men to attack the British positions, this despite the fact that his forces were outnumbered. Scott felt that if he were to retreat his forces would be vulnerable to attack.   Scott attacked, while requesting reinforcements. When the reinforcements arrived American and British forces were about equally matched with the Americans having 3,700 and the British having 3,600. The Americans concentrated on capturing the British guns, which they did.

The battle continued for many hours with neither side making any progress, Finally the American forces decided to withdraw. The day was a draw a total of 867 British were killed, wounded or captured, while the Americans lost 861 killed wounded or captured.