columbus in spain

From the moment he arrived in Spain, Columbus worked continuously to secure support for his quest to sail westward to the Indies. Columbus petitioned to meet with King Fernando and Queen Isabel. Before he could meet with the monarchs, he needed to present his ideas to the Royal Council. The Royal Council rejected Columbus' proposal. Columbus then requested a personnel interview with the King and Queen. His request was granted.

Columbus presented his plans to the King and Queen on January 20, 1485. They were intrigued. They established a Royal Commission to examine Columbus' proposal. The commission rejected Columbus' arguments and calculations. Despite this recommendation, the monarchs were not willing dismiss Columbus completely. The told Columbus that they would possibly support his voyage later when their war with the Muslims was over. In the meantime they gave Columbus a small grant to keep working on his venture. Columbus continued to work to convince the monarchs to support his expedition. By 1491 Columbus had become exasperated by the unwillingness and was ready to leave Spain. He received one more audience with the King and Queen, which were inconclusive, so he made, plans to leave. In the final moment King Fernando, who had left the negotiations mostly to Isabella, called Columbus back and agreed to finance his expedition. What made King Fernando change his mind will remain a mystery.