The Clinton Years
Inaugural Address
January 29th 1993- President Clinton announces that gays will not be automatically be discharged from the military. This was the beginning of the Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy
June 27, 1993- US fires cruise missiles at Baghdad in retaliation for plot to assassinate Bush
August 6, 1993- The Senate passed the Clinton Deficit Reduction Package that increased taxes on highest tax bracket. The bill passed without any Republican support
Sept 13, 1993- Israelis Palestinians sign agreement at White House
On Signing Israel/PLO Agreement
September 22, 1993- President Clinton unveils his plan for universal health care
Address on New Directions
Oct 3, 1993 Clinton orders more troops to Somalia after 18 marines die
Nov 20, 1993 Congress passes NAFTA
Signing of NAFTA
Oct 21, 1993 North Korea and US sign agreement limiting NK nuclear development
Address to Joint Session of Congress
January 20, 1994- An independent council is named to investigate the Clinton's affairs during the 1980's. It becomes knowns as thed Whitewater Ivestigation
November 8, 1994- Republicans take control of both Houses of Congress
Dec 1, 1994 Senate approves global trade deal that created WTO
January 31, 1995 Clinton uses his emergency power to lend 20 billion to Mexico to stave off bankruptcy
April 19, 1995- Federal Building in Oklahoma City is bombed
June 28, 1995 Japan and US reach agreement on US access to Japanese markets, just before tariffs are to go into effect.
On Religious Liberty
August 30, 1995 NATO forces begin bombing campaign against the Bosnian Serbs after shelling of marketplace in Sarejgo
November 14th 1995- The government shuts down for six days as budget talks between the Congress and the President break down
Radio Address on Budget Fight

Nov 21, 1995 Dayton accord bring Balkan war to end
January 23, 1996- President Clinton declares the era of Big Government is over
Address to Democratic Convention
November 5th, 1996- President Clinton Reelected
Jan 15th 1997- Israel and Palestinians agree on Israel pullout from Hebron
May 27th, 1997 Supreme Court rules that Paula Jones may pursue her lawsuit against President Clinton
July 2nd 1997 Thailand floats the Baht, just beginning the Asian crisis
On the 40th Anniversary of Little Rock 1997
Oct 31, 1997- US contributes 3 billion to IMF bailout of Indonesia
People of Mexico 1997
Dec 4 1997 South Korea agrees to conditions that lead to 55 billion IMF bailout- Us gives 5
January 21st 1998- News reports appear about an affair between President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, a former White House intern.
April 1, 1998- Federal District Judge throws out Paula Jones lawsuit against President Clinton.
Aug 20 1998- US embassies bombed in Kenya and Tanzania Ð US launches cruise missiles against Afghanistan
September 9th, 1998-Independent Council Kenneth Starr reports to the House that he has found "substantial and credible information" that might be grounds for impeachment
Starr Report Response to Starr Report
November 3, 1998 Democrats gain House seats in interim election
December 19. 1998- The House votes to impeach President Clinton, with only Republicans voting for impeachment
Articles of Impeachment
February 12, 1999 The Senate rejects one article of impeachment, and votes evenly on the second- thus voting to acquit the President
Clinton's Response at Trial
March 24th- 1999 NATO forced begin to attack Serbian forces in Kosovo
On Kosovo

Speech to the nation on Kosovo

June 10th, 1999- NATO attacks ends when the Serbs withdraw from Kosovo.
October 13, 1999 The Senate narrowly rejects US ratification of a treaty banning underground nuclear testing.
Nov 15th ,1999 China and US agree on tariff opening the way for China to join WTO
Nov 30th, 1999 Street protest disrupt WTO talks in Seattle
May 24th, 2000 House passed permanent normal relations with China
Remarks to Russian Duma 2000

Remarks on China

July 25th, 2000 Failed Camp David meeting between Arafat and Barak
Nov 19, 2000 Clinton visits Vietnam
Clintons Remarks In Vietnam