The Presidnecy of John Adams

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The Presidency of John Adams
As the second President of the United States Adams came after Washington. He could never hope to be as popular as Washington or enjoy the respect of the country in the same way. His Presidency was troubled as he faced challenges as at home and overseas. He was not reelected at the end of his term.
Biography of President John Adams
Biography of Martha Washington1797-

Adams' Inaugural1797-
Adams' 1st State of Union
Adams Second State of the Union
Adams Third State of the Union
Adams Fourth State of the Union
Problems With France
-TPresident Adams was faced with an ever more belligerent France that seemed to be willing ot go to war with the United States. For Adams it was a no win sitution.
XYZ Affair-President Adams sent envoys to Paris to negotiate the differences with France. When they were not received it was considered almost an act of war
Quasi War- War was not declared between the Untied States and France, but on the high seas a war did take place.
Navy Department Created
With the war with France possible the Congress authroized the creation of a navy department and the building of American warships.

1797- Attack on US Vessels
1798- Navy Act
1798-Instructions to Navy
1798- French Privateers
1798- Results of XYZ
1790- Judiciary Act
Adams Attacks Opponents
President Adams was attacked constantly by his opponents. He responded by asking the Congres t pass a series of laws that became known as the Alien and Sedition Acts. These acts were designed to try to silence his crtiics and limit foreign influence.
Alien and Sedition Act
An act that tried to limit criticism of the government
1798 Kentucky & Virginia Resolution-
Kentucky and Virginia showed their opposition to Adams actions by passing the resolution
1799 Fries' Rebellion
A rebellion broke out against federal taxes.
1798 - Naturalization Act
1798- Alien Act
1798- Sedition Act
1798- Kentucky Resolutions
1799- Fries Rebellion
Peace With France
While America was in a vitual state of war with France, neither the US nor France wanted to enter into a full scale war. Adams directed his representatives to reach a peace agreement with France and they succeded.
1800 Peace Treaty With France
Washington Becomes Capital
At the very end of the Adams administration the federal government moved from Philadelphia its temporary home to its new permanent home in Washingotn DC.
1800 Washington, D.C.– Capita

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