Message From Chairman Khrushchev to President Kennedy
Moscow, September 4, 1962.


DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: I wish to thank you for the felicitations which you sent on behalf of the people and the government of the United States of America to the Soviet people on the occasion of the historic group flight of the spaceships "Vostok-3" and "Vostok-4."/1/ The peoples of the Soviet Union consider their achievements in the cosmos to be an important contribution to the noble cause of universal peace and progress.

The Soviet people join in those greetings and best wishes for peace and happiness which Major Nikolayev and Lieutenant Colonel Popovich sent to the American people from the cosmos.

And, finally, the last consideration: it is not clear from your and Mr. Macmillan's statement what role France as nuclear power shall play. We proceeded earlier and proceed now from an assumption that under any international agreement on the cessation of nuclear weapons tests France should assume commitments analogous to those of the USSR, the US and Britain.
I await with great interest your reaction to the considerations I have expressed. If you react to them positively then our representatives could, evidently without great difficulty, work out the text of an appropriate international treaty.