Letter From President Kennedy to Chairman Khrushchev
Washington, June 5, 1962..

DEAR MR. CHAIRMAN: I owe you a letter of thanks for the generous hospitality which you and your associates offered to Pierre Salinger while he was in the Soviet Union. He has given me a full account of his visit, with particular emphasis on your own generosity in giving him so much of your time. I feel sure that visits like his are helpful. Since I recognize that your kindness to him was in part a friendly gesture to me, I want to send you these thanks.

A letter of this sort is not the place for extended discussion of the large issues which are so important to the relations between our two countries. I do want you to know, however, that Mr. Salinger has carefully reported all that you said to him, and that full attention will be given to your new proposals. They present difficulties which we have pointed out to Ambassador Dobrynin, but we shall be glad to discuss the matter further with him. All these matters relating to Berlin are currently being discussed in careful detail by Secretary Rusk and Ambassador Dobrynin, and I think it may be best to leave the discussion in their capable hands at this time. I am glad to learn again from Mr. Salinger that Ambassador Dobrynin has your confidence in unusual measure. He has already made a place for himself here in Washington as an intelligent and friendly representative of your Government.
In closing, let me say that I noticed with appreciation your friendly gesture in attending the concert offered by Benny Goodman in Moscow last week. I myself look forward to attending a performance of the Bolshoi Ballet when it comes to us in the fall.
John Kennedy