Telegram From Chairman Khrushchev to President Kennedy
Moscow, June 12, 1962..


DEAR MR. PRESIDENT, Good news has come from Laos. As a result of the successful completion of negotiations between the three political forces of Laos, it has been possible to form a coalition Government of National Unity headed by Prince Souvanna Phouma.
Without question, this act may become the pivotal event both in the life of the Laotian people themselves and in the cause of strengthening peace in Southeast Asia. Formation of a coalition Government of National Unity in Laos opens the way toward completing in the near future the work done at the Geneva Conference toward a peaceful settlement of the Laotian problem and giving life to the agreements worked out at that conference, which constitute a good basis for the development of Laos as a neutral and independent state.
The example of Laos indicates that provided there is a desire to resolve difficult international problems on the basis of cooperation with mutual account of the interests of all sides, such cooperation bears its fruit. At the same time, the results achieved in the settlement of the Laotian problem strengthen the conviction that success in solving other international problems which now divide states and create tension in the world can be achieved on the same road as well.
As for the Soviet Government, it has always adhered, as it does now, to this line, which in present conditions is the only correct policy in international affairs in accordance with the interests of peace.
I avail myself of the occasion to express satisfaction over the fact that the mutual understanding we achieved while meeting in Vienna last June on the support of a neutral and independent Laos is beginning to be translated into life.
Respectfully yours,
N. Khrushchev