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Major Events in Israel and the Middle East
A Daily Analysis
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April 29, 2010- Netanyhu Wins Internal Likud Victory, Dispute in Human Rights Watch Charedi Prejudice

April 26, 2010- Olmert's Assistant Arrested On Return to Israel

April 22, 2010- Michell Makes Surprise Visit, Corruption Case Continues

April 21, 2010- Corruption in Israel Iran Update, General Jones on Israel-US

April 15, 2010- Obama and Israel

April 13, 2010- Nuclear Summit- Holyland Scandal and Scuds in Lebanon

April 12, 2010- Syria Supplies Hezbollah With Massive Quantites of Arms, Iran Sanctions Update

April 11, 2010- Yom Hashoah Commemorated- Its' Meaning in the Shadow or an Iranian Threat

April 7, 2010- Obama Administration Hints at Imposed Settlement New Scandal in Jerusalem

April 1, 2010- Weak Sanctions on Iran are Worse the None

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