April 22, 2010- Michell Makes Surprise Visit, Corruption Case Continues

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

April 26, 2010- Olmets Assistant Arrested On Return to Israel

Today's news from Israel was dominated by the personal story of Shula Zaken, (former Prime Minister Olmert's secretary), who finally returned to Israel today. Zaken was immediately imprisoned for 6 days, in order for police to interrogate her and further the case against her former boss. Zaken has been embroiled in a number of the other cases against Olmert. Here, for the first time, she did not invoke her right of silence and is giving her own account of the matters in the Holyland scandal, in which she is being accused of being involved as well.

Some progress has been made in getting talks started between Israelis and Palestinians. It seems more than likely that proximity talks will take place in the next few weeks. Will they go anywhere? Very unlikely, though this time, ultimately not the fault of Prime Minister Netanyahu, but rather due to the inability of the Palestinans to reach an agreement. There were rumors circulating in the last few weeks that Hamas was willing to accept a two state solution. Halid Meshal threw cold waters on any talks, when he spoke yesterday to the fact Hamas would never be willing to accept a two state solution.

Richard Haas had an interesting piece in today Wall Street Journal in which he called:
"The Palestinian Peace Distraction."

Another interesting article, in the New Republic today is worth reading. In the article Michael Crowley lays out a scenario for an American attack on Iran: The Bomb Squad. The only thing worse than a U.S. attack on Iran would be an Israeli one.

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