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> America's Wars > Revolutionary War > Students> Study Terms

Study Terms On The Revolutionary War Period
Albany Congress Minutemen
Albany Plan of Union Molasses Act
Articles of Confederation Natural Rights
Boston Massacre Navigation Acts
Boston Tea Party Pontiac's Rebellion
British East India Company Privateers
Coercive Acts Proclamation of 1763
Committee of Safety Prohibitory Act
Committee of Correspondence Quartering Act
Common Sense Quebec Act
Continental Army Redcoats
Common Association Salutary Neglect
Continental Congress Seven Years War
Currency Act Sons of Liberty
Daughters of Liberty Stamp Act
Declaration and Resolves Stamp Act Congress
Declaration of Independence Suffolk Resolves
Declaratorty Act Sugar Act
First Continental Congress Tea Act
French and Indian War Tories
Gaspe Incident Townshend Acts
Green Mountain Boys Treaty of Alliance
Hat Act Treaty of Paris(1763)
House of Burgesses Treaty of Paris(1783)
Intolerable Acts Triangular Trade
Iron Act (1750) Valley Forge
Iroquois Confederation Whigs
Mercantilism Woolen Act
Midnight Ride Writs of Assistance

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