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Native Americans 1520- Present
-1492 Native Americans Before the Europeans
1502-Aztec Empire Falls
1607- English Land At Jamestown
1613- Pocohontas Captures
1616-20- Small Pox Epidemic
1618- Warfare Between Indians and Jamestown Settlers
1636-37- Pequot War
1644-46- Second Virginia War
1649-1700- Iroquois Expansion Wars
1675-76- King Phillips War
1680-91- Pueblo Revolt
1711-22- Tuscarora War
1754-63- French and Indian Wars
1763- British Declare Land West of Appalachians Indian
1776-83- War of Independence
1787- Northwest Ordinance
1793-94- Battle in Northwest
1811- Battle Tippecanoe
1813-14- Creek War
1830- Indian Removal
1833- Second Seminole War
1838- Trail of Tears
1846- US Receives Southwest From Mexico
1862- Sioux Uprising
1868- Treaty of Larmie
1871- Indians to Reservations
1875- Little Big Horn
1881- "Century of Dishonor" Published
1886- Geronimo
1890-Wounded Knee
1902- Lone Wolfe v. Hitchock
1924- Indians Granted Citizenship
1934- Roosevelt Administration Aids Indians
1953- Congress Passes Termination Act
1962- Termination Ends
1960's to Present