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shadowshadow History- Explorers
Other Internet Resources on Jamestown Colony
History of Jamestown- From Jamestown Rediscovered. An in depth study of the cololy
Virtual Jamestown - A developing Site to bring the Jamestown Colony alive- many primary sources
The First English Colony From the State Libray of North Carolina
Jamestown An Online Adventure A Fun online game to play about Jamestown
Englands First Permanent Settlement.- From ABC/CLIO
John Smith Pocahontas John Rolfe
Captian John Smith from Jamestown Rediscoverd Pocahontas from Jamestown Rediscoverd John Rolfe from Jamestown Rediscoverd
Life of John Smith - from the National Park Service Pocahontas from Thinkquest John Rolfe - from the National Park Service
Pocahontas the Real Story(Compares the Disney Story with real story)