The Presidnecy of Thomas Jefferson

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The Presidency of Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States. His victory over President Adams represented the first peaceful transition of power as a result of an election. Jefferson had been elected as a believer in a small government and limited powers of the President. His actions to Purchase the Louisana Territory and his war with the Tripolitan States, in fact, expanded both.
Biography: President Thomas Jefferson

1801- Jefferson: Inaugural Address-
1802- Jefferson: Second State of the Union
1803- Jefferson: Third State of the Union
1804- Jefferson: Fourth State of the Union
1805- Jefferson: Second Inaugural Address
1805- Jefferson: Fifth State of the Union
1806- Jefferson: Sixth State of the Union
1807- Jefferson: Seventh State of the Union
1808- Jefferson: Eighth State of the Union
Jefferson Assumes Power
-The election of Jefferson was determined by the House of Representatives. When Jefferson assumed office he had to deal with the legacy of Federalist control, especially regarding the Judicary. As a result of the Republican attempt to limit the judicary, the famous case of Marbury vs. Madison was decided by the Supreme Court.
The Election of 1800-The election of 1800 was finally decided by the House of Representatives
1803 Marbury vs. Madison- This case brought about one of the most important decisions in the court's history. Marbury vs. Madison established the right of the Supreme Court to review the constitutionality of laws passed by Congress.
1801 Jefferson Inaugurated- The Inauguration of President Jefferson has sometimes been known as "the second American Revolution".

1805 Justice Chase Found Not Guilty In Impeachment Trial The Republicans overreached when they tried to impeach the Federalist Supreme Court Justice.

1803- Marbury vs Madison
American Expands
In the most dramaitc expansion in its history, the United States purchased the Louisiana territory from France. With one stroke of the pen and 20 million dollars the United Sates doubled in size. As America expanded, it also flexed it military muscle, in a short, but successful war with the Tripolitan States.
1803-Tripolitan War
The United States refused to pay tribute to the Barbary Pirates.
1803 Louisiana Purchase-
The United States doubled it size by purchasing this territory from Spain.
1803 Louis & Clark Expedition
Louis & Clark headed the first government expedition to the Pacific.
1803- Report on Tripoli
1803- Report on Hostilities in Tripoli
1803- Treaty to Purchase Louisiana Territory
1804- Report on Receipt of Louisiana Territory
1806- Jefferson on Tripoli
America and Britain and France
During the Jefferson Pesidency, the United States found itself caught in a World War between England and Napoleonic France. Jefferon tried to untangle America from the problem, by cutting off American trade from the rest of the world. This was a classic case of "cutting off your nose to spite your face".
1807 Leopold vs. Chesapeake
The Briitsh Navy opened fire on anAmerican naval vessels almost starting a war.
1807 Embargo Act
Jefferson's response to British actions was to suspend all US trade with the world.

1809 Non-Intercourse Act
The Non-Intercourse act followed the Embargo Act. It was less restrictive.
1808- Jefferson on Chesapeake Affair
1807- Embargo Act
1809- Nonintercourse Act
Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr was elected Vice President of the United States, after the election was thrown to the House of Representatives. By all accounts, Burr was a capable Vice President, doing his main job of presiding over the Senate in a competent manor. He will forever be known as a scoundrel for engaging in a duel and killing Alexander Hamilton. Burr also engaged in a scheme to break off the western lands.
1804- Burr Kills Hamilton in Duel
Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton in an honor duel.
1807 Burr Not Guilty of Treason-
Aaron Burr was involved in a scheme to break-off the newly acquired western lands from the US.
1807- Jefferson on Prosecution of Burr
1808- Jefferson More on Burr

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