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Major Events in Israel and the Middle East
A Daily Analysis
Reach us at www.Israelupdate.net
By Marc SchulmanGo To Blog Version With RSS Feed


October 31, 2011- Knesseet Sessions Opens to Backdrop of Rockets and Concerns About Iran

October 30, 2011- Rocket Fire Continues in the South, Chages in Tax Policy Approved

October 29, 2011- Rockets in the South, Demonstrations in Tel Aviv

October 27, 2011- Grapel Arrives in Israel, Grad Lands Near Asdod, Protest Movement Resumes

October 25, 2011- Prisoner Exchange With Egypt, Tunisian Election Results

October 20, 2011- Simchat Torah in Israel // Gadafhi Is Killed//Shalit at Home

October 18, 2011- Shalit Is Home

October 16, 2011- Israel's Grapples With Shalit Deal

October 11, 2011-Deal to Release Shalit

October 10, 2011- A New Perspective

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