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This Month in Naval History
Leyte Gbt

(Gbt: dp. 151; 1. 115'; b. 17'6"; dr. 3'9"; a 8 k., cpl. 25;
a. 1 ~pdr., 2 1-pars.)

The first Leyte, a gunboat built In 1887 by Hong Kong & Whampon Dock Co., Hong Kong, China, was captured by the U.S. Navy in the Phillppines aufing the SpanishAmerican War, and commissioned 22 March 1900, Ens. I~ R. Sargent in command.

Leyte was assigned to the Asiatic Station, where she served in the Philippine Islands as a ferryboat between Cavite and Manila, a guard ship in Subic Bay, and a patrol ship helping the Army at Cebu Station. She decommissioned 27 January 1902 and spent the remainder of her career on the target range and in ferry service at the Cavite Naval Station. She was struck from the Navy list 27 May 1907 and sold 16 December 1907 to Jose Baza Him Chian.


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