A Account by russel G Hayden USS Fiske

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This Month in Naval History
An Account From the Gaffey

Our trip on the Gaffey

My mother Willie L. Hayden had two sons, Fred R Hayden born 1947 at Vallejo General Hospital and me Russell G. Hayden born 1949 on Mare Island, CA. 

My father Fred B. Hayden was in the Air Force stationed in Japan. 

My mother, brother and I left on September 8, 1954 on the USNS Gaffey for Tokyo, Japan where we stayed for 3 1/2 years in a place called Green Park for military families. 

Pictured is the certificate provided to my mother for this trip and also pictured are the three of us in our original passport photo to sail on the Gaffey. Green Park where we lived and the other picture is of me and my brother at the landing dock to go back to the United States.

Russell G. Hayden - Retired San Jose Fire Department, CA


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