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This Month in Naval History
Lawrence II brig

Lawrence II
( Brig: t. 364; Ibp. 109'9"; dph. 13'3"; cpl. 80; a. 2
32-pdrs., 8 32-pdr. car. )

The second Lawrence was launched by Langley B. Culley at Baltimore 1 August 1843, and commissioned 19 Sep. tember 1843, Comdr. William H. Gardner in command.

The new brig sailed to Norfolk Navy Yard 11 October 1843 to be armed and provisioned and got underway 16 November for the South Atlantic. After cruising along the northern coast of South America, the old "Spanish Main". Lawrence returned to Pensacola, Fla., 25 January 1844. Sailing for her second cruise south 6 February, the brig visited Havana, Cuba, then turned north, and arrived at Hampton Roads 8 March for repairs and refitting in the Norfolk Navy Yard.

As war clouds gathered over the United States and Mexico, Lawrence sailed 14 June to join the Home Squadron at Pensacola and spent the next year cruising the gulf coast trying to help preserve the peace. As tensions between the two counties neared the breaking point, Lawrencc took station off the Mexican coast. War broke out after the opposing armies clashed in Texas 25 April 1846.

On station from 24 Match 1846 to 17 June, Lawrence rendered valuable service protecting American shipping and attacking that of the enemy. On 27 March and 31 April, she landed part of her crew to protect Point Isabel. Relieved 17 June, Lawrence arrived Pensacola on the 25th, had subsequently sailed north, arriving New York 3 September.

Lawrence's usefulness was limited by her deep draft with prevented operations in shallow coastal waters, and by her small cargo space for provisions, which ruled out long cruises. She decommissioned 12 September 1846 and was sold at Boston later in the year.


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