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This Month in Naval History


(Sch: T. 52; cpl. 31; a. 3 guns)

The first Beagle, a schooner, was purchased by Commodore David Porter at Baltimore. Md., 20 December 1822; and commissioned during 1823, Lieutenant J. T. Newton in command.

During 1823-5 Beagle served with Commodore Porter's piracy suppression squadron in the West Indies, In company with Greyhound she landed a party at Cape Cruz, Cuba (21-22 July 1823) which broke up the headquarters of a pirate band. On 14 November 1824 she formed part of the force under Commodore Porter which landed 200 men at Foxardo, Puerto Rico, in pursuit of another pirate band. This invasion of Spanish sovereignty resulted in the recall and court-martial of Commodore Porter. Beagle returned to Washington Navy Yard in March 1823 and was sold soon afterwards.


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