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This Month in Naval History


Brig. Gen. Horatio Gates, born in Maldon, England, around 1728 or 1729, was adjutant general of the Continental Army during the Siege of Boston. He served under the Northern Department there after, and commanded the American force which defeated Burgoyne during the Saratoga "Campaign August September 1777. This victory was the turning point in the war, and prompted France to enter the fight. Gates subsequently served as President of the Board of War, as commander of the Eastern and Southern Departments, and later in the New York Legislature He died in New York City in 1806.

(Gy: t. 123, 1. 60'6", b. 19', dph. 6'2"; cpl. 80;
a. 8 4-18-pdrs.)

Gates was built in 1776 on Lake Champlain, near Whitehall, N.Y., by the forces under command of Benedict Arnold. Her first commanding officer was Captain Frederick Chappell. She was one of General Arnold's flotilla but was not completed in time to take part in the battle of Lake Champlain which delayed the British invasion from Ganada. The galley was blown up at Skenesboro, N.Y., in 1777 to prevent her being captured.


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