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This Month in Naval History

Franklin II

(Brig: t. 155; 1. 72'4"; b. 22'4"; cpl. 16; a. 8 guns)

The second Franklin, built at Philadelphia in 1795 was captured by Tripolitan corsairs in 1802, and sol] to the commercial agent of the Bey of Tunis. She was purchased on 27 April 1805 by Captain James Barron at Trieste.

In June 1805 Franklin was ordered to Syracuse, Sicily, where she was placed in charge of Lieutenant Jacob Jones to accommodate officers seized from the frigate Philadelphia, and recently released from a Tripolitan prison. From July to September she served as storeship for the Mediterranean Squadron and on the 24th departed for the United States with General William Eaton, U.S. Navy Agent to the Barbary Powers, embraked.

Following an overhaul at Washington Navy Yard she voyaged to New Orleans with crew and supplies for that station. Again in December 1806 she carried a company of Marines and munitions for the New Orleans station. There she was turned over to the Navy Agent for disposal and on 21 March 1807 was sold.


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